Great advertising not dead after all

Reports of the death of good advertising (largely by me) have been greatly exaggerated.

Get your laughing gear round this:


After all that bollocks in the Superbowl, and most of the tosh we’ve seen in the last few years, I was beginning to despair.

But Coke is a brand that stands for a ‘glass half full’ approach to life, and we’ve never needed that as much as we do now.

The ads that is, not the drink.  Never touch the stuff myself.  The devil’s work.

This takes me back to the great Coke ads of the past – in particular the one lampooning Grand Theft Auto.  Maybe there’s a lesson in this – great ads can come out of opposites and, in the current world of purpose-led marketing, standing against something can be even better than standing for something.


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