Be more…… patient?


I see the telecoms network O2 is changing its brand campaign form ‘Be more dog’ to ‘Be more You’.  They say it’s an evolution – look the first two words remain the same – but I’m not buying it.

The new work is exactly what you’d expect from a big corporate giant in a commodity business.  It’s big and faceless and it could equally have been applied to any player in the market.  It does nothing exceptional. There’s an ad about the unremarkable loyalty scheme.  There are others assigned to different elements of )2’s offer.  As a piece of campaign architecture, it all makes perfect sense.  It’s just a bit, well, predictable.

Which is a shame, because ‘Be more Dog’ was one of the few real advertising ideas at the heart of a big campaign in recent years.

The literal rationale is a bit tenuous admittedly – cats are sleepy and placid whereas dogs are playful and curious so,as the digital asset in your pocket can do more and more stuff, you should embrace your inner dogginess to make more of it.

It was a bit polarising – the Creative Director of a competitor’s agency said to me “I don’t really get it, the jury’s out” – but that’s the point.  It provokes a response.  You could have an opinion about it.  The jury might actually bother to come back in and deliver a verdict.

Ultimately it boils down to results – but I seem to recall this campaign had won effectiveness awards not so long ago.  (Does that make me sound a bit naive?)

I’m sad the doggy has died.  And, whatever O2 might say, it’s not an evolution – if it were, it would have learned to speak and walk on its hind legs.


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