The ultimate masturbation?

The advertising trade magazine Campaign has rebranded and relaunched, incorporating its sister titles ‘Media Week,’ ‘Brand Republic’ and ‘Marketing’.


The relaunch has involved a painful volume of self-publicity.  In today’s issue we learn….

The “Proud parents” campaign stars some of the industry’s most respected marketers and their agency partners, together with icons from the standout work they have created together. The campaign underlines the brand’s positioning as the premium platform for the new breed of brand-builder, offering inspiration, opinion and analysis for marketers, agencies and media owners that invest in creative excellence to grow their businesses.

There’s a video, of course.  And a ‘making of’ film.  There’s daily bulletin at the top of the news feed.

So here’s an advertising campaign about an advertising campaign for a publication which essentially publicises other people’s advertising campaigns.  If that’s not circular then I don’t know what is.

I actually like advertising and I’m bored with it.  I can only imagine how more balanced people with a healthier perspective must regard it.  Let’s be polite and say it’s a bit inward looking.



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