Oh Jose

I bow to no man in my admiration for AMV BBDO.  Or indeed for The Special One.  But WTF?  This new spot for BT Sport is a shocker.  Jose Mourinho has invited the people from BT Sport into his beautiful home to shoot a commercial, not realising they’re going to make a mess.  Really?  The joke is that he’s moody and they mess up his lounge and he’s not amused.

First we had Ewan McGregor acting out an idea we first saw in 1980 something – the product that sells itself and needs no glitzy adornments.  Yawn.  Come to think of it, I recall presenting exactly the same idea to Nissan in 1987 (they rejected it).  Now we have unsmiling Jose.  BT (and inexplicably AMV BBDO) is making advertising that appears locked in the late 1900s.  BT likes celebs (not even sportsmen) but isn’t talking about the sport – which is what we care about.

What does this tell me about BT Sport?  While Sky is showing me clips of spine-tingling moments from thrilling sporting occasions, BT is making bad – worse, irrelevant – jokes with celebs.  Stuff I don’t care about.  Sky reminds me why I love watching sport – on Sky.

Has BT Sport not understood this?  I’m surprised, because much of BT Sport’s output has impressed me.  I especially like the way they have hijacked some good sports journalists from The Guardian to give their characteristic wry twist.

One nil to Sky I’m afraid.


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