Now I’ve seen everything

I’m struggling to keep track of things that are deemed bad for me.  Perversely, I’m also wrestling with some weird stuff that’s now meant to be good for me.  I’m being told that bacon – until now the epitome of heart attack on a plate – is the ideal food for long distance runners.  It must be true because I saw it on ‘The Running Bug’ website.

They’re telling me that bacon is the new super food because it’s:

  1. High in protein – essential for maintaining high energy levels.
  2. Low in fat (what?) well lower in total fat and saturated fat than some cuts of beef or chicken (what does that even mean?) and also high in lovely oleic acid (like olive oil).
  3. It protects your heart (I’m going to scream) and by the way it might also improve memory and brain function (will it stop me being gullible?)
  4. It prevents cancer.
  5. It keeps you happy (fair enough).
  6. It’s packed with vitamins (lots of B-vitamins, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium).

So there you have it.  Bacon; the perfect health food for runners everywhere.

It's official.  Bacon is good for you.

It’s official. Bacon is good for you.


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