Just do it

Wow – to think of all the times I have been out running with my 1970s punk playlist featuring The adverts’ ‘Gary Gilmore’s Eyes’.  I’m sure you know the story – singer T.V. Smith wakes up in hospital after a cornea transplant and realises his new corneas must have come from convicted murderer Gary Gilmore who has been executed and donated his eyes.  Well it turns out, according to adman Dan Wieden, that Nike’s slogan ‘Just Do It’ was inspired by Gilmore’s final defiant final words to the firing squad in 1977.

There must be a word to describe the ‘conceptual circularity’ of my tearing around the woodlands in my Nike gear listening to the Adverts, who inspired the brand’s spirit.

Isn’t it ironic?  Let’s ask Alanis Morissette. Nope I think it’s just a coincidence.  But calling the band The Adverts?  Surely that’s more than just a coincidence.

Or are T.V. Smith and Dan Wieden just messing with our heads?


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