It’s not about the money, money, money


With their armies of researchers, psephologists and nudge units, you’d have thought they should know better. Neuroscience tells us that we hugely overestimate (and overclaim) the influence of hard, rational factors on our decision-making. Never was this clearer than in the campaigning on the Scottish referendum. The bulk of effort has gone into the economic issues, with each side claiming Scotland would be better off with them. The experts line up on each side with detailed and weighty studies which flatly contradict each other. So, as always, it comes back down to the big question “who do you believe?” Or in this case, the only real question that matters “who do you trust to act in your best interest?” The Scottish Nationalists (the clue’s in the first word) or the Old Etonian government in Westminster? Clue: the Scots only elected one Tory MP at the last general election. I don’t get a vote, but if I did, I know which way I’d be voting. As the man said “Alba gu bràth!”
I should add I think it would be a very bad thing, if Scotland votes for separation. That’s the problem with neuroscience.


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