Python was too sensible


Do you remember the Monty Python Election Night Special sketch?
In it, as I recall, the Silly Party makes inroads at the expense of the Sensible Party. Well imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and it was real. What actually happened was that I opened my postal voting instructions for the forthcoming European elections. It’s a nutter’s charter.
See if you can guess which of these are the real candidates and which are ones I made up:

  • The Roman Party.AVE
  • Harmony Party (Zero Immigration, Anti-EU, Pro-Jobs)
  • English Democrats ((I’m English, not British, not European)
  • Christian Peoples Alliance
  • An Independence from Europe (UK Independence Now)
  • British National Party (Because we can make Britain Better)
  • Liberty Great Britain (Faithful to tradition, revolutionary in outlook)
  • The Peace Party – Non-violence, Justice, Environment
  • YOUR voice
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • The Socialist Party of Great Britain (World Socialist Movement)

(Trick question, they’re all real, I couldn’t think of anything sillier than UKIP). And, of course, there are all the mainstream parties, the Greens and so on.

It’s tempting to focus on the sheer volume of hate represented by the various anti-everyone-but-me-and-my-white-english-mates parties.  Harmony?  Don’t think so. I assume the Christian Peoples Alliance are an evangelical group and I’ll forgive them their inability to use apostrophes properly.  As for the Romans, YOUR voice (not mine I don’t think, even though they live just around the corner), Liberty blah blah blah and all the rest; who knows?
I know we’re supposed to be making politics more accessible but surely not by turning it into a comedy routine. If we’re voting for these people, it emphasises the contempt we have for our proper politicians. But that’s not a good reason to put the swivel-eyed loons into positions of authority.

As so often, the Pythons saw it more clearly than most.  But their prediction simply wasn’t silly enough.


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