The business case for sustainability

Making the case for sustainability to financial managers is tough.  It’s one of the significant obstacles to making our businesses more sustainable.  So Forum for the Future ran a seminar to describe some of their learning on the subject.  they have worked with many businesses on exactly this and researched many more.

The summary can be described like this:


A set of neat issues and guidelines emerged from the seminar to expand these:

1.  See the whole picture (it’s a case of knowing where the impacts are and working back to address them)

2. Data collection (auditing and monitoring early and continuously)

3. Knowing your audience (High up in the company?  On the ground?  In the middle?) and using the right cues for them (for example some have outlawed the word ‘ sustainability’)

4. Leverage assets from different parts of the business

5. Collaborate with peers or compete with them?  It depends

6. use existing tools where possible

7.  Make the issue immediate (what we really need is a crisis to focus the mind)

Too much good stuff to capture here, so go to Forum for the Future for more.


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